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5 Tips to Help Block Electromagnetic Radiation

While technology today can be incredibly convenient and efficient, there is a price we pay in terms of our health.

We may be familiar with the unhealthy aspects of tech neck on our posture (head bent down reading phone) or the negative emotional consequences of social media (comparing our lives to other people’s highlight reels) – but are you aware of the hidden health dangers in the form of “ElectroSmog”?

You may not be able to hear them or see them, but energy, frequencies, sounds and vibrations are all-around you, and they can have a profound impact on your health. Most people don’t want to believe that electromagnetic frequencies are problematic because electricity and electric wireless devices are so convenient.

Unfortunately, chronic and heavy exposure to wireless radiation can have severe repercussions on your health. Inside every cell in your body are mitochondria — the powerhouses of the cell — and your mitochondria are adversely affected by EMFs, resulting in mitochondrial and cellular dysfunction. Specifically, your heart and brain are the most susceptible to EMF damage.

It’s unlikely that you’ll throw away your cellphone or get rid of your wireless internet at home. So how can you protect yourself from EMFs? Here are five ways to help reduce your exposure and reduce the health damages that EMFs can have on your body:

Replace wireless with wired devices
If you’re using a wireless keyboard, headset or mouse, consider swapping it for a wired version.

Keep EMF sources at a distance
If you have a Wi-Fi router in your home, place it away from where people spend the most time. If you use a microwave, never stand in front of it while it’s operating. Placing distance between yourself and EMF sources can help reduce exposure.

Break bad cellphone habits
If you tend to keep your cellphone in your pocket, it’s time to break the habit. Keep it at a distance and turn the ringer volume up if you’re worried about missing calls. Use the speakerphone option when talking on your cellphone, to avoid putting your phone up to your head. Whenever possible, put your cellphone in airplane mode to help reduce cellphone radiation.

Disable wireless functions
When turned on, wireless devices emit a Wi-Fi signal. Disabling wireless devices such as routers, printers, tablets and laptops can help reduce your exposure to EMFs. Only turn on the Wi-Fi function when necessary.

Prioritize sleeping areas
You aren’t going to use wireless devices while you’re sleeping, so bed time is the perfect time to disable these devices. If you have a Wi-Fi router, turn it off before you go to bed. Remove all unnecessary wireless devices from your bedroom or deactivate their Wi-Fi feature. Remember: your cellphone alarm clock will still work when it’s in airplane mode.


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