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Airport Food and Drinks

Today we’re going to look at some of the healthier choices for food and drinks at the airport.

Have you ever landed in an airport for a connecting flight and were starving? You look around and see all sorts of bright, colorful options, but which one should you choose?

In the video I talk about some options at the juice bar (which more airports have these days). This tends to be one of the better choices as it can provide a shot of good nutrition very quickly. You just have to be aware of the sugar content, especially if you feel like you’re getting sick.

Other healthy alternatives include ready-made salads, fruit cups, fruit and some sandwiches. The most healthy sandwiches are made fresh that day and have as many veggies in them as possible – lettuce, spinach, rocket greens, arugula, pickles, onions…or maybe even a chicken or tuna salad.

And of course, no food purchase at the airport would be complete without a bottle of filtered water. It’s so important to have your own bottle (hopefully you purchased one right after beginning your trip), so that you can drink filtered water regularly throughout your day (especially on the flight). Hot tea or coffee (without too much sugar and cream) are other good beverage choices, along with some of the bottled brewed teas – just check the label for added sugar.


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