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Reducing Jet Lag

The key to minimizing the impact of jet lag, along with so many other things in the world of natural health, is not really ONE thing, but rather doing a variety of small things… the more things you do, the better your chance of helping your body synch to a new time zone.

Hydration is primary. You MUST drink filtered water (a lot) before, during and after your flight. Yes, I know you may have to visit the bathroom on the plane a few times, but that’s actually a good thing (can help with DVT – deep vein thrombosis – a real health risk).

The second big thing is to set your brain to your destination time zone as soon as you board the plane. For example, when I board the plane from Dallas to London at 7:00 PM (19:00), and the time in London is 1:00 AM, I immediately reset my brain and body to 1:00 AM as soon as I step on the plane (and never look back at what time it is in Dallas).

The third recommendation is that you must do whatever it takes to stay awake until 9:00 PM (21:00) at your destination for the first two nights. Some good ideas include visiting with friends, drinking coffee, working out or just walking around. It’s best to not even be in your room until at least 8:00 PM, as the temptation will be too high to just rest.

The fourth key is in the video below, and it shows that something called EARTHING can really help to reset your body clock. Getting bare feet on the earth (wet if possible) can help your body to balance the effects of the airplane (moving excess electrons) and help you to synch to your destination time zone more quickly.

Safe travels!



Why Hire John?

You are traveling for business for a reason, and if you can’t perform at your best, it could cause you to lose the sale or impact the success of your event. What’s that worth to you? …And your business or event?

Employee retention and employee engagement are two critical issues that companies are facing today. Could increased stress be a contributing factor?

What Makes John Unique?

John has traveled to more than 26 countries with IBM (sales and training) over 30 years (he’s lived it) and is a Traditional Naturopath (natural health practitioner), meeting planner, consultant, and author. He has taught more than 4,000 people his actionable travel tips and stress management tools with rave reviews. There’s more to it than just exercise and eating healthy.

What Can You Expect?

John is an expert in Wellness, especially when traveling, and will give your participants new information that they didn’t know about how to stay healthy. He is extremely responsive and easy to work with after 25+ years of conditioning by IBM.

You can expect a highly interactive and engaging presentation followed by actionable outcomes for all participants!

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