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Wine, Beer and Other Drinks

Am I really going to talk about how drinking alcohol helps you stay balanced when you travel? Well, kind of…

We all know that the reality of business travel can often include alcohol at dinner (and sometimes at lunch, like in France!) – as in “…should we get a bottle (or more) of wine for the table?”

So, let’s discuss…

I can’t honestly tell you that drinking alcohol will be beneficial for you, but as with most things in the health realm, moderation is key. There are certain types of alcohol that are better than others: red wine has been shown to have some benefit (small amounts), and the clear alcohols (gin, vodka…) tend to be a little less challenging for the liver. Beer can be good, but it depends on the quality of the grains from which it came.

Watch the video to find out the one thing you can do if you drink a little too much at dinner so that you can function at work the next day with as little impact as possible.

There are also herbal supplements that can help your liver to process the alcohol…specifically Boswellia, Turmeric and Omega 3 fatty acids (think fish oil). Make sure you get (and pack) good quality supplements.

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Why Hire John?

You are traveling for business for a reason, and if you can’t perform at your best, it could cause you to lose the sale or impact the success of your event. What’s that worth to you? …And your business or event?

Employee retention and employee engagement are two critical issues that companies are facing today. Could increased stress be a contributing factor?

What Makes John Unique?

John has traveled to more than 26 countries with IBM (sales and training) over 30 years (he’s lived it) and is a Traditional Naturopath (natural health practitioner), meeting planner, consultant, and author. He has taught more than 4,000 people his actionable travel tips and stress management tools with rave reviews. There’s more to it than just exercise and eating healthy.

What Can You Expect?

John is an expert in Wellness, especially when traveling, and will give your participants new information that they didn’t know about how to stay healthy. He is extremely responsive and easy to work with after 25+ years of conditioning by IBM.

You can expect a highly interactive and engaging presentation followed by actionable outcomes for all participants!

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