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Harmony with the Sun

Let’s spend a few minutes today looking at some of the health benefits that we get from the sun…

Let me say up front that I’m not advocating that sunburn is a good thing – it’s not!

However, our bodies were designed to be in the sun on a more regular basis as it provides many benefits to us, not the least of which is the sun’s ability to help our bodies create an awesome hormone called Vitamin D.

Exposure to sunlight on our bare skin (no sunscreen) is the key to make this happen – maybe 15-20 minutes per day.

Please note that our skin (largest organ in the body) absorbs what is put on it, so be careful about the ingredients in any sunscreens that you do use.

The sun also helps to increase the serotonin levels in your body, which can help promote a better mood.

The majority of us are deficient in Vitamin D, especially during the winter months.

This is one reason why flu season is such a challenge during this time of year (besides the “sugar holidays” and general dietary mishaps) as Vitamin D is a big immune system booster.

Another huge benefit from sunlight is its capability to stimulate our pineal gland to make melatonin, that can promote better sleep at night.


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Why Hire John?

You are traveling for business for a reason, and if you can’t perform at your best, it could cause you to lose the sale or impact the success of your event. What’s that worth to you? …And your business or event?

Employee retention and employee engagement are two critical issues that companies are facing today. Could increased stress be a contributing factor?

What Makes John Unique?

John has traveled to more than 26 countries with IBM (sales and training) over 30 years (he’s lived it) and is a Traditional Naturopath (natural health practitioner), meeting planner, consultant, and author. He has taught more than 4,000 people his actionable travel tips and stress management tools with rave reviews. There’s more to it than just exercise and eating healthy.

What Can You Expect?

John is an expert in Wellness, especially when traveling, and will give your participants new information that they didn’t know about how to stay healthy. He is extremely responsive and easy to work with after 25+ years of conditioning by IBM.

You can expect a highly interactive and engaging presentation followed by actionable outcomes for all participants!

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